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Fixed asset management software is designed to streamline the processes associated with managing fixed assets, from acquisition to disposal. It includes features such as asset tracking, depreciation calculation, maintenance management, asset auditing, location tracking, disposal management, integration with accounting systems, custom reporting, and compliance and security features.

  • Asset Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of fixed assets including descriptions, purchase details, depreciation schedules, and current location.

  • Depreciation Management: Automated calculation and management of depreciation expenses using various depreciation methods.

  • Maintenance Scheduling: Ability to schedule and track maintenance tasks to ensure assets are properly maintained and remain in good working condition.

  • Audit Trail: Maintaining a detailed history of asset transactions, changes, and audits for compliance and accountability purposes.

  • Disposal Management: Managing the disposal process of assets including sales, retirements, or scrappage, and updating asset records accordingly.

  • Integration: Integration with accounting systems or ERP software for seamless transfer of asset data for financial reporting and analysis.



  • Multiple Branches, User/Counter
  • Ware House Base
  • Supplier Information
  • Product Purchase
  • Purchase Register
  • Issue Register
  • B2B Transfer
  • User Return & Register
  • Assets Tracking
  • Assets ID Auto Generate & Print
  • Stock Register
  • Control & Variance Analysis
  • User Authentication
  • Inventory System
  • More Than 20 Reports (Customized)

It helps organizations efficiently track, manage, and optimize their investment in fixed assets, leading to improved asset utilization, cost savings, and compliance with accounting and regulatory standards.


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