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Karmee Plus software helps improving business efficiency by automating workforce, recruitment, and compliance management processes to improve. It combines all these elements in a central location, making all employee information accessible to all relevant personnel. Karmee Plus software has become an indispensable asset in almost every corporate environment.  Besides large companies, small and medium companies are now letting of the idea that HR systems are expensive. Moreover, leveraging HR technology saves much time and increases productivity. An HR system is an investment from which companies can get long term benefits.

Mobile devices are provided to businesses and organizations along with our custom ERP software solution. These pre-configured devices are handed over to organizational employees for work purposes only. Under HR management employee attendance and their daily location history within working periods are monitored using these devices. Monitoring is done by organization or company individuals using our ERP solution. These devices are configured and sold to organizations as part of our ERP solution. Limited accesses to apps, programs and features are provided in those devices according to organizational requirement and policy. Hence, employees with these company-owned devices are restricted to perform work related tasks only. Organizational apps are enforced in those devices. Any types of updates are deployed on all company-owned devices remotely without the trouble to update each device manually. In this way, we are providing organizations a safe, secured and easy to deploy solution without exploiting employee’s personal data.


Feature of Product:

  • Employee Information from Joining to Final Payment.
  • Employee Permanent, Promotion, Increment, Transfer, Resign, Terminate, Retirement Management.
  • Attendance & Leave Management.
  •  Payroll System (Salary Sheet, Pay Slip, Top Sheet, Bank Forwarding).
  • Bonus Management.
  • Income TAX Management.
  • Dynamic Allowance/ benefit add.
  • Provident Fund, Welfare Fund, Gratuity, Pension scheme Management.
  • Loan management (Provident fund loan, Advance Salary loan, vehicle loan)
  • User Management.

Benefit of Hr Software

  • Web based software, you can access from anywhere in the world.
  • User  friendly
  • Customizable
  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Analytical Report Generate.
  • Export the reports in MS Excel & PDF format.


  • Attractive & Real time Dashboard
  • Dynamic  User Panel
  • Real time Notification (Software, Email, SMS)
  • Digital Notice Board
  • Mobile Interface.

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