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“EMI Manager” is a complete solution for mobile installment sales. This application helps you to manage the devices your company sells on EMI. You can send advance payment alert notifications to individual devices before their payment date appears. You can lock any particular device using our app when the EMI payment is due. During the lock mode, the device owner is unable to navigate or perform any operation on that device. Similarly, using this app you can easily unlock any device that was previously locked.

Features of EMI Manager App:

  • Branch management
  • User management
  • Token Management
  • Installment Management
  • Factory reset protection
  • Customized Installment alert
  • Customized Voice alert
  • Customized Wallpaper alert
  • Device location & sim info
  • Remote password lock/unlock
  • Reset, reboot & hard reset Protection 
  • Remote lock and unlock
  • Account management
  • Reports

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