Sikkha Plus For School Management.

Sikkha Plus is School management software that covers the entire life-cycle of students starting from admission through degree completion. In addition, School authority will be able to manage the back-office processes of the institution such as Inventory, Fixed Asset Management, Procurement, HR - Payroll and Accounting Modules. Our system run in cloud environment and it has accessibility to Computer, Laptop, mobile and tab so that top level management can monitor every status. Cloud Solution’s “Real –Time Dashboard” Technology provides an easy to use view into up to date, role specific business information. Using this software data will be synchronize among Mobile, Tab, PC or Laptop Management can get summary report to his/ her email and notification SMS.

Sikkha Plus provides all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a School management at any point in time and thus allows the management to focus on quality education more, back office process less. UMS offers efficiency to core operations like Admission, Result Processing, Registration, Fee Management etc. It saves time, requires less resource and provides coherence among the departments.


  • Multi Layer
  • Multi User/Counter
  • Multi Branch
  • Easy To Operate
  • Student Management
  • Student Profile
  • Pre Admission
  • Admission
  • Subject assign
  • Courses assign (Open/ Fixed Course)
  • Class Schedule
  • Exam Schedule
  • Payment
  • Payment History
  • Payment Gateway
  • Medical report
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Teacher & student Communication
  • E-Notice Board
  • Student attendance
  • Scholarship Apply & Assign
  • Library Management
  • Book Entry
  • Book Purchase
  • Book Issue
  • Book Reissue
  • Book Return
  • Inventory
  • Fine Calculation





  • Teacher Management
  • Teacher Profile
  • Teacher Course Detail
  • Teacher Marks Assign
  • Result Management
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Auto Voucher Generate
  • User Authentication
  • Heavy Security
  • More Than 20 Reports ( Customize )


  • Pre Admission Report
  • Admission Report
  • Student Register Report
  • Student Information Report
  • Teacher Information Report
  • Teacher Register  Report
  • Student Class Schedule
  • Teacher Class Schedule
  • Result Management Report
  • Book Issue
  • Issue Return Report
  • Issue Return Register Report
  • Stock Report
  • Scholarship Apply & Assign
  • Collection Report
  • Collection History
  • Due Report
  • Medical Report
  • Customized Report (20 Report)
  • ETC

We have several modules for the mentioned sectors which are:

Common Modules for All::

  • Naba ERP- For All
  • Microfin Plus For Mfi
  • Korial Plus For Accounting
  • Karmee Plus For HR & Payroll
  • Cooperative bd Plus For Cooperative
  • Karbari Plus For POS
  • Ambala Cheque Printing & Controlling Software
  • Pandit Plus For University Management.
  • Sikkha Plus For School Management.

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