Ambala Cheque Printing & Controlling Software

ACPS is a Cheque & Deposit Slip Printing Solution. It’s designed in such a way that you can easily take care of your business. You are maintaining cheque register, monitoring payment & stop corruption in your business.  The market has been undergoing substantial amount consolidation, which made a number of traders suffer a huge amount of loss in their business. As a result ACPS has been commenced. A company or an organization could used and cheque control in their hand.

ACPS Features:

  • Multi Layer
  • Multi User
  • Multi Branch
  • Manage Inviter
  • Manage Pages
  • Company profile
  • User Registration
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • Easy To Operate
  • Bank notification
  • New Technology
  • Easy To Operate
  • User Authentication
  • Heavy Security
  • Unlimited Data
  • More Than 15 Reports (Customize)
  • Data Backup (Full Backup)

Facilities of using ACPC

  • Cheque Print
  • Deposit Slip Print
  • Advice Slip Print
  • Advice Slip Register
  • Advice Slip Management
  • Cheque Register
  • Cheque Monitoring
  • Cheque Requisition
  • Cheque Stock Register
  • Cheque Requisition Management
  • Cheque Controlling system
  • Signatory Management
  • Signatory Register
  • Signatory Change
  • Bank Notification by Email
  • Admin Notification By Email
  • Admin Notification By SMS
  • Account Register
  • Bank Register
  • User Management 


  • Cheque Register Report
  • Cheque Issue Report
  • Cheque Issue Report(Account Wise)
  • Cheque Issue Report(Bank Wise)
  • Cheque Issue Report(Payee Wise)
  • Cheque Issue Report(User Wise)
  • Cheque Stock Register Report
  • Cheque Stock Register Report(Head Office Wise)
  • Cheque Stock Register Report(Branch Wise)
  • Cheque Stock Register Report(Project Wise)
  • Cheque Stock Register Report(Layer Wise)
  • Advice Slip Register Report
  • Cheque Requisition Register Report
  • Layer Wise Analytical Report
  • Account Register Report
  • Bank Register Report
  • Payee Register Report

We have several modules for the mentioned sectors which are:

Common Modules for All::

  • Naba ERP- For All
  • Microfin Plus For Mfi
  • Korial Plus For Accounting
  • Karmee Plus For HR & Payroll
  • Cooperative bd Plus For Cooperative
  • Karbari Plus For POS
  • Ambala Cheque Printing & Controlling Software
  • Pandit Plus For University Management.
  • Sikkha Plus For School Management.

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    Piciculture Housing Society Shyamoli,
    Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.

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